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Baron Murdock

Baron Murdock is a Midwest transplant to LA. He began his professional career in banking and went onto work for major financial services firms in Chicago as an investment adviser with both Merrill Lynch and Citigroup at various times. Coming to LA he decided to expand into real estate before getting married and having his daughter Gabrielle. He came to respect the process of choosing the right home and considering investment choices because it was a part of his own life goals at an early age.
He stands eager to field questions from individuals who look to round out their portfolio or settle in to that dream home or first home. He has been with Cavanaugh Realtors for the last 14 years helping with mostly multi family residential and trust sales. He prides himself on great follow up and good listening skills.

He is a Midwest guy with southern sensibilities with a good understanding of both the stock market and real estate market. His mantra is simple" Let’s succeed together."

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